Что должен уметь хороший автослесарь?


Today in our country there are officially more than 42 million cars owned by citizens. If you count commercial and freight transport, this figure will grow by several million more. And all these machines break down, require regular diagnostics, maintenance. The necessary services are provided by a car mechanic. Please note that you can find a 24/7 car mechanic at csvehiclelocksmiths.co.uk

General duties of a car mechanic

The list of actions performed by a car mechanic at the workplace depends on the level of his education, skill, and profile. Generalists in this area are becoming rarer, usually employees hone their skills in one of the many areas. In addition, each master must be able to perform a number of mandatory manipulations. In a car repair shop, car mechanics do the following:

  • carrying out diagnostics with the help of special devices and traditional methods;
  • straightening of the body in order to eliminate the consequences of mechanical impact;
  • repair of obvious and hidden damages;
  • carrying out welding works;
  • checking the functionality of software, vehicle electronics, debugging broken functions;
  • installation, replacement, improvement of parts, components and assemblies;
  • repair of gasoline and diesel engines, taking into account the characteristics of different brands;
  • replacement of filters, technical fluids;
  • tuning, exterior works.

Often, they are the ones who communicate with customers, parts suppliers, representatives of insurance companies, inspection services.

Car mechanic or auto mechanic: what’s the difference

The concepts of a car mechanic and an auto mechanic often merge, but this is only relevant for small services where station wagons really usually work. In fact, the job description of an auto mechanic implies a middle manager. Its representative is well aware of the structure of the car, the functions of its systems and individual parts, their failure scenarios and repair methods. He works more with his head than with his hands, controlling the process of restoring the car, distributing work among car mechanics. It is the latter, taking into account the recommendations of the leader, who perform the main part of the work to eliminate problems in the operation of the mechanism or improve it.


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